Assignment Purpose Use library databases to locate peer-reviewed, scholarly sour

Assignment Purpose
Use library databases to locate peer-reviewed, scholarly sources
Evaluate different types of sources for credibility and relevance
Use APA style guides as a resource
Prepare APA style citations
With this assignment, you and others in your topic group will collaboratively develop a bibliography, a collection of sources relevant to your topic. This will be an annotated bibliography, which means you will also include some notes about each source. You can draw on this collaborative bibliography to write your Literature Review Outline and then your Individual Research Paper.
Note – This assignments requires skills and knowledge from the Week 2 module:
(W2) Source Credibility
(W2) Finding Outside Sources
(W2) APA Citation
Part One: Find, Cite, and Summarize Sources (due Fri of Week 3)
This first step is done individually — no need to reach out to or try to collaborate with others in your group at this point.
Find 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources related to your topic. You are looking for sources that will help you learn about the issues related to this topic, and eventually explain to your readers the discussions, debates, or research taking place about those issues.
Note 4/15: I deleted a comment here about focusing on U.S. culture in your research articles; that was left from a previous quarter when the assignment was more focused on interviewees in the U.S. only.
Most sources will be academic journal articles, but you could also use a chapter in an peer-reviewed academic book (don’t cite an entire book unless you are actually reading the whole thing!)
Reference the Project Group Topics page for ideas of issues and keywords to focus on in your search.
Consult (W2) Source Credibility and (W2) Finding Outside Sources to review what scholarly, peer-reviewed sources are and how to find them
For more help with databases searches and keywords, enroll (free) in the EvCC Library Classroom > Modules > EvCC Searching for Information
Prepare an APA style complete reference for each source, as if for a References page.
Consult (W2) APA Citation to review what APA style is, what information you need to cite a scholarly, peer-reviewed article, and how to format those citations
Read/watch your sources and write a few sentences that summarize the main point or focus of each source and/or explain how the source could be relevant to your topic.
The purpose of these notes is to help you keep track of what each source is about plus help others in your group determine whether they want to read and incorporate that source into their paper.
Be sure that these sentences are written in your own words, not copied from the article/abstract.
Submit your bibliography (list of sources + summaries) and PDFs of the individual articles/chapters to this assignment
There should be a button or link to “Download PDF” within the database for any available article
Name your files with the author’s last name and year of publication so it is clear which file goes with each reference. For example, Sampson2022.pdf or PrangEtAl.pdf
Part Two: Make Corrections + Share Sources (due Fri of Week 4)
This is where the collaboration comes in — after you make corrections as needed, you will post your sources to a Google doc shared with others in your group.
Check for feedback on your bibliography submission. (Review the How to View Instructor Feedback assignment for instructions on finding that feedback.)
I will have reviewed your contributions and by the end of the day Monday (Week 4)
I will use the rubric and comments to let you know if your sources are reliable and appropriate, and if your citations are basically completely correct. In that case, you don’t need to make corrections and can move on to sharing your sources with your group (#3 below).
However, many submissions will require corrections. I will give feedback about the changes needed for the assignment to be marked as complete.
Make any necessary corrections to the sources or summaries and re-submit the assignment here.
Share your references/notes and PDFs with your group.
After you have corrected your citations and summaries and resubmitted here (as needed), you should also add those references and summaries to a Google doc that is shared with other members of your project group. You and others in the group can then draw on this shared, collaborative, annotated bibliography for your literature review outlines/research papers. Add your sources and summaries to the Google Document for your group:
Medical Anthropology Shared Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.)
Linguistic Anthropology Shared Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.)
Additionally, upload your PDFs of the individual articles/chapters to the folder for your group. Make sure they are titled as described abaove (Part One/#4) to make the folder easy to navigate:
Medical Anthropology Articles folder (Links to an external site.)
Linguistic Anthropology Articles folder (Links to an external site.)

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