Assignment Overview: Describe a fact pattern where Maria Coronado, who resides

Assignment Overview: Describe a fact pattern where Maria Coronado, who resides in San Antonio, Texas, is charged with possession of cocaine and goes to trial. When the “story” is complete it should answer/cover the following issues.
What officer made the arrest; who did she work for; and why was the arrest made?
Who pressed charges against Maria; why that particular person; who produced the charge; and why was that particular form of charge used?
Where will Maria Coronado go to trial and why there?
What is the name and title of the judge; how did she get that job; and why is she the proper judge for Maria’s case?
If the defense attorney feels that the evidence to be used was obtained improperly by a civilian, what motion might be filed; why; when; and what would be the procedure used at the hearing?
What kind of trial is Maria Coronado entitled to?
If she waived her right, why?
If it was a bench trial, why; and what was the procedure if there was a plea bargain trial?
If she had a jury trial what are some questions the prosecutor might ask prospective jurors and what are some questions the defense attorney might ask those prospective jurors?
What is the role of the judge in the trial proceedings?
What was the jury’s verdict?
What was the judge’s finding and why?
Who would determine the punishment if guilty?
Was Maria sentenced; why and how?
Marketable Skills:
Communication: Written (SLO 4)
Critical Thinking: Analysis (SLO 2)
Social Responsibility: Historical Perspective (SLO 1 & SLO 3)
Social Responsibility: Social Justice (SLO 2)

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