Assignment: Argue your own position on the topic you chose for this semester. In

Assignment: Argue your own position on the topic you chose for this semester. Incorporate research from your annotated bibliography, include parts of your counter-argument to show that you understand the opposition, then supply us with evidence that your perspective is stronger. End your paper with a conclusion that shows how your position benefits others. Employ logos(perhaps pathos) to persuade your audience of your perspective.
Rough Draft Due: Saturday, uploaded to Canvas. 4-6 pages for 5 points, including your two comments. (The final draft will be 6 pages and 20 points. There was a typo in the video! This is accurate here).
A) Provide an author biography at the beginning of your essay that establishes your credibility as an author, is visually distinct from the rest of your essay, and is written in third person (see notes for example).
B) Provide an intro that gives us a general idea for the issue you will be discussing and ends in a thesis statement with YOUR argument or claim.
C) Inform your reader of the context of major events/problems/discussions/history that lead up to the point you jump into this argument. (You can use sources from your annotated bibliography or find new ones to support you).
D) Present ideas that disagree with you—you can use parts of your counter-argument essay here.
E) Explain how the counter-argument author uses ethos, pathos, or logos in order to address their audience in their publication genre —you can use parts of your counter-argument essay here, too.
F) Present your argument (finally!). Give us at least 2-3 reasons that back up your thesis statement, focus a paragraph on each reason and support them with quotes and paraphrases. (You can use your annotated bibliography and any new sources you’d like to do this). (4 points)
G) Conclude by mentioning key ideas, but more importantly, explain to us why any of this really matters and to whom. Tell us how people will benefit from your side of the argument. If there are any good ideas from your counter-argument that we should consider, bring those in too. (2 points)
H) Use topic sentences, introduce, explain and cite your quotes in-text. Provide a works cited page and avoid using I/me/my or any personal pronouns in your paper (even if you used them in your previous counter-argument). (2 points)
I) Avoid all or nothing statements, use qualifiers if necessary (we’ll go over this). Your essay should be immaculately proofread for grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and (especially) capitalization.

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