Assignment 6.1 Thank You

Principles of Supervision MGT-130

Course Textbook for Reference material -  Chapter 9, "Leading Followers" (pp. 239–263)

Robbins, Stephen, P. et al. Supervision Today!. Available from: VitalSource Bookshelf, (9th Edition). Pearson Education (US), 2018.


Assignment Overview

This research and writing exercise explores how leaders and supervisors with different styles might motivate and show appreciation to employees.


A one- to two-page (250-500 word) summary


Step 1

Read the introduction.

What is the most creative "thank you" you’ve ever given or received in a work setting? Have you ever wondered why the Queen of England knighted Paul McCartney of the Beatles? What would it mean if your photo essay in a weekly newspaper won the Pulitzer Prize? Would you go to kindergarten if your daughter won Student of the Month? How much trouble was it to get all the thank you notes written for graduation or wedding gifts? Do you bristle with cynicism when management rewards people you don’t particularly admire as "employee of the month" because the person can bully folks into meeting department production goals?

Step 2

Research using keywords such as "employee performance," "national recognition," "international awards," "recognition ideas," or "awards programs" for ideas that express appreciation.

Step 3

Each response is worth two points – share a complete response to the question referring back to the text book.

Imagine how different leaders respond after a crisis situation (i.e. a Level 4 hurricane, pandemic, disaster).

·        Describe how leaders and supervisors react based on their leadership style answering the following questions:

o   Share the description(s) of the leadership style(s) you will be discussing

o   Is there a difference in response between a leader and a supervisor? 

o   Does leadership style have an impact on recognition in the work place?

o   How do they show appreciation to folks involved?

o   Do they expect special recognition? If so, what type of recognition?

·        Describe your own reaction to recognition / appreciation – respond to the following questions:

o    What motivates you to say thank you?

o   How and when do you show appreciation?

o   How do you best like to be recognized? 

·        Describe your views on recognition in the work place?

o   What do you think recognition should look like in the work place?

o   Who should decide what this looks like?


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