Assessment Task: 1. Select one of the broad topics (see below) from assessme

Assessment Task:
Select one of the broad topics (see below) from assessment 1. You can
choose the same topic area as your assessment 1 critical analysis or you can
choose a different topic.
Refine the topic area by (these should be clear in the writing):
Focusing on a particular country (i.e. your own)
Identifying the relevant sectors and healthcare structures for the
topic area within that country
Focusing on a particular outcome or outcomes i.e. reduction,
Identifying a relevant service area or intervention to meet the
identified outcome(s).
The essay should critically analyse methods for improving quality in
your topic area. You should reference the quality improvement literature
(utilising relevant models, processes and/or tools). Your essay should be
supported by evidence for effectiveness for interventions which improve the
defined outcome(s) in your topic area. You will need to refine the topic
areas given above to focus on specific interventions and outcomes. The essay
should discuss governance in relation to ensuring quality in reference to the
particular country.
Learning Outcomes Addressed
Critically evaluate the differences in organisational structure and
function and discuss various models of health service financing.
Analyse the principles, nature, methods and models of quality
improvement in health care in the context of public health.
Critically discuss principles and concepts of governance and suggest
practical ways to improve health and reduce inequalities using good
Grading Criteria:
· Clear
introduction to the quality and practice area, using appropriate
information and evidence
· A
specific quality issue is identified within the six broad topic areas,
which is relevant to public health and discussed within a particular
· Evidence
based rationale given for the need for quality improvement; Could identify
a quality standard, guideline etc
· There is
linking to the domains of quality
Quality improvement methodology
· Relevant
methodology is selected and referenced appropriately. The choice of method
should be justified in relation to the quality issue
· Methods
are critically applied to the quality area (this includes explicit linking
to the evidence presented in the introduction and building on this)
Governance and health service organization
· The essay
shows an understanding of the relevant health (in its broadest sense)
organisations involved in quality (in relation to the specific identified
issue) and (briefly) shows an understanding of healthcare financing.
· Governance
structures and mechanisms are critically discussed in relation to assuring
quality making use of relevant evidence i.e. the discussion of how quality
should be improved is informed by principles of governance.
The essay is coherent, takes an
evaluative approach and focuses on outcomes (note this is judged across the
whole essay – this does not need to be a specific section)
· Overall
the essay is coherent – there is a thread throughout the essay which shows
a good understanding of the quality improvement process
· There is
an outcomes focus – outcomes to be improved are made clear in the
introduction and this is reflected across the whole essay.
· There is
an evaluative approach to improving quality
Academic conventions:
· Accurate
referencing, using Harvard referencing style
· Clear
writing including: structure, progression of ideas and flow
· Well-formatted
(double-line spaced, justified text, Arial font size 12) with accurate
spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
I uploaded 2 additional documents as well as the assessment guidance to help guide the essay

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