As you read this book, you are to decide on a topic you wish to research more th

As you read this book, you are to decide on a topic you wish to research more that is specifically discussed in the book. You need to find four different sources that also discuss this issue and contrast each of these with one another and our textbook. (I will insert some pages from the book for you to pick a topic)
Be sure to not simply summarize each, but always remember that college-level writing assignments are about synthesis, critical thinking, and analysis. Also, be sure to structure your paper properly with an introduction where you explain what your paper is all about, a body where you compare and contrast your sources, and a conclusion where you summarize your findings and give some end thoughts.
The purpose of this type of assignment is to have you demonstrate your ability to create a statement of a problem within a reasonable scope, investigate the research and studies by others that relates to your issue (using a balanced perspective from multiple, credible sources), and then compare and contrast those works in order to arrive at conclusions. Research papers must follow ASA guidelines for formatting and citations. A minimum of one of your sources must be an academic source from a peer-reviewed book or academic journal.
This assignment is to be between 1,000 and 1,500 words using at least 5 sources (DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA OR OTHER ENCYCLOPEDIAS).

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