As this is a finance class, we want to focus on financial implications of provid

As this is a finance class, we want to focus on financial implications of providing healthcare. This academic article examines the expected impact of the ACA on hospital costs and profitability. As we discussed in week 1, nothing is free. When products and services are provided, there is a cost to bear. We need our hospitals to be profitable to allow for the long-term financial viability of these very important entities.
Please read the article and consider for discussion: (I will upload the PDF article for you)
1) What are the financial implications to hospitals of the ACA? Can hospitals remain viable entities that will be able to provide high quality and ever improving services?
2) What are some unintended consequences (positive or negative) of the ACA that may have financial impacts on related parties (i.e. healthcare providers, patients, government, tax payers)
1. Write a 300-500 word statement of your opinion.
2. Provide 2 scholarly references in your position discussion. References must come from the Franklin Library website database. Include the URL for the reference at the end of each reference in the reference listing.
3. Utilize APA 7 standards for references (in-text and reference list)
4. Article PDF and Franklin University Library database directions will be uploaded. Questions to answer are in RED italics.

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