Applied Behavioral Analysis

1)What is the difference between stimulus control and stimulus generalization? How do these processes help to establish stimulus classes? How does recombinative generalization contribute to expanding behavioral repertoires?

2)Explain the concept of behavioral complexity from a behavior-analytic point of view.

3)How are task analyses used when teaching complex behaviors? Identify a complex behavior of interest to you. How would you conduct a task analysis for that behavior?

4)Why is it important to teach strategies? What is the difference between strategic behavior and other complex behavior? How can you teach a strategy using behavioral techniques?

5)How is a functional approach to studying verbal behavior different than traditional approaches to the study of language? Address the role of the speaker and the listener when examining in a verbal episode from a functional perspective.

6)Explain the concept of multiple control as it relates to verbal behavior. Address how multiple control relates to the primary verbal operants. Illustrate your answer with an original example.

7)Describe and illustrate one application of the concepts and principles of verbal behavior to a problem or area of social significance.

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