In the first two parts of the training manual, you learned about microprocessors, RAM, motherboards, and hard drives and how important these components are to a customer’s desktop PC. For this part of the training manual, you will be rounding out your knowledge of components by learning how to make them all work together.

Use the template below for the first part of this section of the training manual, and in 2-3 pages, provide a set of procedures for determining how to decide which components to upgrade for a customer’s PC.
CIS 1538C Module 03 Training Manual Template.docx
When listing these set of procedures, think about the following:
Type of case they have
Type of motherboard
Amount of RAM
Type of video card
Type of processor
Type of hard drive
Type of monitor
Type of power supply (remember to take the wattage need by each component when deciding if the power supply needs upgrading.)
For the second part of this section of the training manual, using the same template provided above, address the following scenario:
A customer wishes to upgrade their current PC, which they have had for at least 5 years but that has been extremely slow and non-responsive at times. On their current PC, they only check email and watch Netflix and occasionally store personal pictures and videos. They currently have the following components:
ATX PC case
MSI Motherboard with PCI, socket 939 and DDR RAM slots
2 GB of RAM
AGP video card
Dual core, 4300 MHz CPU
150 GB IDE hard drive
Unknown power supply
24 inch CRT VGA monitor
The customer anticipates that, over the next few months, they will need to be able to use the PC for video editing for their new job, check email, and store large amounts of data. They have a budget of $1000. You are tasked with providing recommendations for the user based on their needs. In 2 – 3 pages, provide recommendations to your customer on what components they should upgrade and why.
Then, provide a list of procedures on how you would install these components. Keep in mind that all upgraded components must work together. For this project, make use of the PC Part Picker website to identify appropriate components. Include pricing for each component you chose to upgrade and remember to stay within the customers budget.
Upgrade motherboard? Why or why not?
Upgrade video card? Why or why not?
Upgrade RAM? Why or why not?
Upgrade CPU? Why or why not?
Upgrade hard drive? Why or why not?
Upgrade CDRW ROM? Why or why not?
Upgrade monitor? Why or why not?
New power supply necessary? How did you choose this power supply?
Based on your answers above, what components will you be upgrading? Will these work together? Why do you feel that this is the best course for upgrading this PC?
Provide a step-by-step list of how these components will be installed. Why did you choose to install the components in this way?
What safety procedures will you follow? Why?
Be sure to list the resources you used in your research within the project using in-text citations and at the end of the assignment on a reference page, formatted according to APA standards. For help with formatting references in APA format, see the Reference page of the APA Guide.

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