Answer the following question in an essay format. You are allowed to consult al

Answer the following question in an essay format. You are allowed to consult all course materials during the exam and must include citations (author and page number(s)) for quoted material. Do not use materials other than course materials to answer these questions and bring in as much specific evidence and information as you can from appropriate lecture materials, textbook readings, non-textbook readings (primary sources and articles), and the course videos. Please put your name on your paper and double-space your answers. Be sure to save your work and if you encounter any trouble with Canvas when you go to submit, email me immediately and include a Word attachment of the completed exam. This essay is worth 250 points and is 25% of your grade for the course. You have until 3pm PST today (January 5) to submit it.
Essay Question:
The year is 500BCE and you are a Buddhist monk. You have decided to leave your homeland in order to spread the Buddha’s message. You travel far and wide, east to the Yellow River Valley in China, and then west to the Mediterranean and the lands of the Israelites as well as the ancient Greeks. In each place, you have conversations with learned people who describe to you their religious or philosophical beliefs and tell you how and why they came into being. In an essay in which you reflect on your travels and conversations, first describe your own (Buddhist) belief system, how it came about, and how and why it differs from other beliefs in India at the time. Then compare your beliefs and ideas with each of the people you meet: a Confucian (who may also be a Daoist in private) living under the late Zhou Dynasty, a Hebrew recently exiled from the Kingdom of Judah, and a Greek philosopher from Classical Athens. In doing so, explain what each person would have said about how and why their religion or philosophy came into being, what its basics beliefs and practices entail, and how and why it is different from other religious and philosophies in the area. Conclude with a full discussion as to why these kinds of religions/philosophies developed around roughly the same period of time (you can assume that a Buddhist at that time would have had a full understanding of the Axial Age).
Throughout the essay, be sure to use the first person (I, me, my, etc.) to represent what each person is saying and include as much depth and as many specifics as you can from what you learned in course lectures, videos, and readings. Be sure also to emphasize historical origins of these religious and philosophiluves and how and why they developed.

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