annual review


Create an annual review based on the job description you created in the last assignment.  
Use some of the methods you read about in chapter 16 to develop your annual review program.  

Complete your newly created review from the manager point of view for an employee.  

This should also include a development plan for the employee.  

It is up to you on the type of employee review you have.  Will it be positive or negative?  Either way the development plan from chapter 28 should match if they are positive or negative.  Even good employees have things they can work on, maybe it’s preparing them for more responsibilities and growth.  

Annual Review
20 points

Development plan
15 points

Chapter 28 reading and development plan chapter 16 reading And job description files attached . You can make this a positive review to show the employee has met and or exceed expectations of her inpatient coding job annual review . 

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