A virus is causing a global-health emergency, and positive cases have been found

A virus is causing a global-health emergency, and positive cases have been found in communities around you. In the last two weeks, the virus has spread and is now classified as a global pandemic.
You represent a community-infection control and prevention-nursing coordinator and serve as a member of the public-health emergency-planning committee. DO NOT RELATE THIS ASSIGNMENT TO COVID-19.
· 1st slide: Pretend as if you were to interview a stakeholder in your community. Stakeholders would include universities, hospitals, schools, daycares, gyms, nursing homes, city councils, police, etc. Identify which community stakeholder.
· 2nd slide: What are three roles and responsibilities of this stakeholder?
· 3rd slide: Utilizing the following worksheets, what does your stakeholder have readily available and what do they not have?
o CDC’s Space, Staff, Stuff: Identifying Your Community’s Resources Tool https://www.cdc.gov/cpr/readiness/healthcare/documents/SpaceStaffStuffResource_Worksheets_final.pdf
o If your stakeholder is the police, they obviously would not have ventilators; thus, only include information that is relevant to your selected stakeholder.
· 4th slide: What are two infection control preventions this stakeholder would do/does to keep the community safe?
· 5th: What are two examples of resource gaps identified by your stakeholder? What are two potential solutions for each resource gap identified by your stakeholder?
· 6th: Share three resources that are applicable to infection prevention and control during this pandemic to your stakeholder.
· 7th: Recommend four federal, state, local, or private organizations as credible resources for infection prevention and control nursing during a global pandemic.
· 8th: What three priorities does your stakeholder use to manage vulnerable populations during a global pandemic?
· 9th: How would your role as a community-infection control and prevention-nursing coordinator work with your stakeholder?
· 10th Identify three different areas in which you can work together to support your community.
· 11th: What are the risks and benefits of collaborating with other stakeholders?
· 12th: What are the potential impacts on infection-prevention-and-control nursing, infrastructure/supply needs, and priorities from the pandemic? Consider direct and indirect physical and mental health.
· 13th Do you feel your community is ready for another pandemic? If yes, why? If no, why?
· 14th What can you do to assist your community remain ready or become ready?
· 15th APA references

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