A research paper is due the 9th week of the module. Students are required to wri

A research paper is due the 9th week of the module. Students are required to write a 1500 word summary of a specific theorist. The minimum requirements for the paper are: APA style –includes Abstract (No abstract is required for this paper), Running Head,
Pages numbered, in-text citations-Cite Four primary resources (information comes from an original source)-Cite Two Internet sources (websites that are not peer reviewed journals)-Cite Two journal articles (peer reviewed journals)-Reference page-Cover page Abstract-
Turn in on time (FIVE points off for every day it is late) DATE DUE: Midnight Sunday of Week 9 WRITING THE RESEARCH PAPER
1. Must be 1500 word double spaced pages in length.
2. Must have a cover page that includes the following:
a. Title of paper
b. Adult learner’s name
c. Module name and number
d. Facilitator’s name
e. Date submitted
3. Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct problem statement.
4. The body of the paper must include the following:
a.  Three to four specific academic concepts applied from the module to the topic or problem addressed.
b. Each concept must be addressed in the following way:
Reference academic literature gleaned from classroom assignments or reading in related journals or books during the course of this module. Use American Psychological Association, 6th ed. (2010) for references and citations.
Describe an experience where adult learner observed a problem or issue and relate this topic to academic concepts demonstrated in a business or workplace environment.
Readdress the concept and the experience with critical thought. Following the process of causes and possible solutions or improvements to the stated problem or issue. How could someone respond to the problem by applying lessons learned from experts cited in the paper and from their own analysis?
5. The paper must conclude with a re-statement of the problem statement and a conclusion paragraph.
6. The final page must be a Reference Page that is completed according to American Psychological Association 6th ed. (2010)
Follow this Outline: Introduction Reason for Selection of this Topic
Summary of Current Research Application to Theories of Personality
Application to your Personal Life Application to Christian Principles
Summary Conclusions Reference Page (minimum of 3-4 sources)
-Freud, Sigmund
-Jung, Karl
-Adler, Alfred
-Erikson, Erik
-Skinner, B. F.
-Watson, J. B.
-Maslow, Abraham
-Rogers, Carl
-May, Rollo
Make sure these questions are answered:
-What was the theorist’s view of man?
-What was the theorist’s education?
-Were there any family events that affected the theorist’s development of their theory? If so,
explain. If not, then what influenced them?
-Explain the basic tenets of the theory.
-What therapies utilize this theory?
-What “Force of Psychology” is this theorist found in?

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