A) Discussion Post Question What should be the main goal of your campaign progra

A) Discussion Post Question
What should be the main goal of your campaign program? Is it customer retention or customer reacquisition? Why?
B) Respond to 2 posts from classmates.
I believe the main goal of the campaign program should be customer retention. Customer retention cosues on a more stable and long lasting relationship than customer reacquisition. Customer reaquisition means that a customer stopped purchasing the product at some point for reasons such as dissatisfaction with the company or its product or switching to a competitor product. Retaining customers may take longer to show financial reward than customer reaquisition, but retaining customers can lead to overall greater profit and sales. Customer retention can also lead to additional benefits such as happy customers providing word of mouth marketing opportunities and positive reviews. Losing customers initially can lead to potentially negative reviews that could impact other potential sales and also customer loyalty to another brand or product.
“The success of a campaign involves reaching out to the right customer with the right offer at the right time and through the right channel.”. With that notion, the firm does want to gain the most profit form its most profitable customers. In another word, the ultimate goal of a campaign program is to generate profit for the company while keeping in line with the marketing strategies and cooperate objectives. Those objectives can be market penetration, market extension, product development and diversification. Based on the objectives, the campaign goal can be customer retention, customer acquisition or targeting at existing customers and new customers at the same time.
It should be customer reacquisition in lieu of customer retention even though both of them share the same vision of targeting at the most profitable customers. While customer retention seems to consider customer loyal to the products/brands, customer reacquisition considers them customers are always on the verge of changing to other products/brands when they find them right. With the velocity of the market along with the complication of the customer behavior, the relentless motion in the way customer put an order ‘d be better than that they are loyal to a product/brand for granted.

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