7 Questions about ETHICS in Information Technology/Business

There are (7) Discussion posts. 

Please answer the questions for each post:
POST 1.  200 words

How does a person know whether a document hasbeen plagiarized?

What constitutes a set of guidelines that willcomprise a code of ethics for information professional?

POST 2. 200 words

What are some common ethical issuesthat result from the use of information technology?
What are some potential problems and abusesinherent in the power of information?

POST 3. 200 words

What is an example of theabuse of privacy?
What is an example of an anonymous communicationthat can harm others?

POST 4. 200 words

In your opinion, whatkinds of regulations would you consider appropriate or inappropriate forcyberspace?
What are the primary ethical issues concerningprivacy and information technology?

POST 5. 200 words

What is the role andpotential of information technology in the democratic way of life?

POST 6. 250 words

How does a person determine if property ownership is legal, ethical, and moral?
How does a person’s background and culture influence a person’s decision-making?

POST 7. 200 words

What are some issues of property ownership in cyberspace?

Do we need to recognize the power of information in a larger environment?

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