4 essays in 1

You are to write . All the material comes from the coursebook Doing Ethics: Moral Reasoning, Theory, and Contemporary Issues. Each of the journal entries should be one-page focused essays (400-450 words), with a thesis statement and developed position, outlining the main argument of the article that you choose. They should display a full understanding of the ideas of the reading. Even though you will be giving an account of a philosopher’s perspective, be sure to focus on the rationale that the philosopher provides for his or her position. The articles you are reading are position papers. You need only show that you have competently understood the perspective. For the essays, ask yourself what the philosopher’s major point is. Then consider what evidence he or she provides to support that point. Keep in mind the formal issues of grammar, sentence structure, formatting. Organize your short essay around a thesis and find a red thread to connect all of your ideas into a coherent short essay. Finally, don’t plagiarize and don’t over-quote. A quote is acceptable now and then. But put it in quotation marks. Everything else needs to be in your own words.


Vaughn, Lewis. Doing Ethics: Moral Reasoning, Theory, and Contemporary Issues. W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2019.


Journal 1

Chapter 12: Animal Welfare. Tom Regans The Case for Animal Rights (pp. 394-401)


Journal 2

Chapter 9: Abortion. Judith Jarvis Thomsons A Defense of Abortion. (pp. 238-247)


Journal 3

Chapter 18: Capital Punishment. Ernest van den Haags The Ultimate Punishment: A Defense. (pp. 680-683)


Journal 4

Chapter 21: global economic Justice. Garrett Hardin, “Lifeboat Ethics” (pp. 836-841)


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