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Discussion 1

Watch the following video lectures by Dr. Maureen OHara, National University, Department of psychology and the International Futures Forum, which are part of Week Four Videos:

  • Part I (https://cdnapisec.kaltura.com/index.php/extwidget/preview/partner_id/1700302/uiconf_id/33601422/entry_id/0_xtvgvqd3/embed/dynamic)
  • Part II (https://cdnapisec.kaltura.com/index.php/extwidget/preview/partner_id/1700302/uiconf_id/33601422/entry_id/0_it1fbvam/embed/dynamic )
  • Part III (https://cdnapisec.kaltura.com/index.php/extwidget/preview/partner_id/1700302/uiconf_id/33601422/entry_id/0_ol9rxmg4/embed/dynamic )
  • Part IV (https://cdnapisec.kaltura.com/index.php/extwidget/preview/partner_id/1700302/uiconf_id/33601422/entry_id/0_glelxwd2/embed/dynamic )

The next period of human history is expected to be turbulent, unstable, and uncertain with high anxiety, high creativity, and radical change. Discuss Dr OHaras lecture. In this discussion, consider the following questions:

  • As the world becomes ever more interconnected and populations ever more mobile, what should we expect to happen to the current cultural differences that have been discussed in this course?
  • Can we expect a global mind? Is so, why? If not why not? Would that be a good thing? Or not?
  • What psychological and cultural capacities do you think will be necessary to adapt to a global culture?

Post an initial 200-word response for this discussion

Discussion 2

Cultural Variability in Ethical Decision-making

Read the vignette on page 491 of the textbook Cultural psychology (3rd ed.).

If you were in Bens situation, would you take the ticket if that was the only way you could make it to your friends wedding or would you not take the ticket and miss the wedding ?

Contemplate and identify the ethics that most strongly guide your decision. 

Post an initial 200-word response 

So altogether the full assignemtn should be 400 words, 200 words for each. 

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