2. (15 points) Please write a reflective essay addressing the following: Backgr

2. (15 points) Please write a reflective essay addressing the following:
Background: Think of a specific incident or event that you experienced in your life. It can be from any time in your life, as long as you remember the details of it well. Try to pick an event that is relevant to as many of the terms below as possible.
In your essay you need to both (i) describe the incident or event and (ii) explain how each (and therefore all) of the terms/concepts from the list below is relevant to the incident (or event). This can mean why you were involved in the incident/event, how you participated in the incident/event, and/or how it is relevant to who you were or how you acted during the incident/event.
Concepts you need to use:
• Standpoint (Smith)
• Cultural oppression (WEB DuBois)
• Frames (Goffman)
• Intersubjectivity (Schutz; Berger and Luckmann)
• Time-space collapse (Giddens)
If the term/concept is not relevant to your incident/event: Consider finding an incident/event that addresses all (or at least more) of the terms/concepts from above. If you cannot AND you really cannot see any way to link one or more of these concepts to your incident/event, then you need to explain why this concept is not relevant. Hint: if you say it is not relevant, you really need to convince me that you really understand the concept well enough to convince me it is really not relevant. This is not as easy to do as it seems—to do so well, you need to make it clear how it does not fit anything you explained in your incident or event.
In all cases (whether the concept applies or not), you need to make it clear that you understand the concept and why it was (or was not) relevant to the incident/event.

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