1st paragraph: introduction. Say something interesting about the song, why you c

1st paragraph: introduction. Say something interesting about the song, why you chose it, basically anything to make the reader interested. Conclude this paragraph with some sort of thesis statement: are the two versions of your song similar? very different? similar in some ways but different in others? Does the song itself or one or both recordings reflect a historical or cultural idea? Basically, what is the main conclusion you reached while carefully listening to these two songs?
2nd paragraph: describe the original song by addressing at least a couple of its musical elements.
3rd paragraph: describe the cover song in a similar manner as above, but note the similarities and differences between it and the original. For instance, perhaps the original uses just an acoustic guitar and the cover uses a full rock ensemble with electric guitars, bass, and percussion.
4th paragraph: Return to your thesis statement from the beginning and elaborate on it. Also provide your own thoughts and opinions here: do you like one version better than the other, and if so, why? Did your opinion on either version of the song change while doing this assignment? Do you have any thoughts on why the cover version might be very similar/very different/slightly different from the original?
Be mindful when using adjectives such as “emotional,” “powerful,” “sad,” etc. You can use these words to describe the song, but then use musical terminology to describe WHY the song sounds that way to you. Does the tone color/timbre of the singer’s voice give the song emotional weight? Does a fast tempo give the song an anxious feeling,? etc.

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