1. You should know by now that MIS is a broad field and many topics are eligible

1. You should know by now that MIS is a broad field and many topics are eligible for inclusion. There is a broad array of topics in management information systems – effect of MIS on organizational behavior or business strategy, electronic commerce, database marketing, Internet marketing, artificial intelligence, the latest developments in hardware, Big data, 3-D printing, net neutrality, CRM, ERP SCM, Security, Crypto currencies, blockchain; just to name a few. You can write on anything in the field of MIS that interests you.
2. For example you may wish to analyze how a firm might be using certain MIS technologies to attain competitive advantage. Let’s say a paper about Amazon.com’s business model and how its management is attempting to generate profits using Customer Relationship Management programming. I am not looking for perfection but, you should show an understanding of the concepts that you are applying rather than just telling a story.
3. The paper must be a minimum of eight (8) pages in the “Main Body” (double-spaced, don’t play games with font sizes and margins. The title page, abstract, exhibits, reference pages DO NOT count in the 8 – page minimum requirement) with seven (7) different references. You must use American Psychological Association citation style. I suggest The Owl Online Writing lab for help with citations: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ The paper should also have a title page. You may not cite Wikipedia.

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