1. Match the vocabulary on the left to each example weak passages on the right.

1. Match the vocabulary on the left to each example weak passages on the right. Rewrite
each passage using stronger, more specific, or more appropriate language.
a. Euphemism
b. Powerless speech
c. Language of responsibility –
d. Opinion, not fact
e. Disclaimers
f. Static evaluation
g. Abstract, imprecise
h. Swearing
1. Our vacation was nice. The
destination was interesting and so
were the people. It had everything
we wanted.
2. You left this place a mess!!
3. Our relationship is in the toilet.
4. He’s so “f$%&*#@ up”
5. Um, I’d like to get started soon.
6. You’ve done good work for us, but
we’re going to have to let you go.
7. Karen is awkward and shy
8. The NY Yankees are the best team
in the history of baseball
2. Imagine you are an employee who is being reprimanded for suspected alcohol abuse at work. Describe four poor listening habits you might exhibit. Explain three good listening strategies that you would try instead. Discuss why listening well in the workplace is so important and the differences between reflective and directive listening strategies.
3. You are a manager of an employee who was unprepared for a group presentation to an important client. His team reported to you that he did very little work and even once came to work smelling of alcohol. Describe the ways that you would handle the situation. How would you avoid arousing defensiveness in
your feedback? What constructive criticism would you give him and how would you deliver it?
4. You have a big interview coming up for a job that you really want. How would you use the skills & insights of this course to help you land the position? Focus on every aspect of communication from perception to language to non-verbal communication and from gender and cultural differences to the different channels of communication.
5. Your division at work has stayed under budget this year and has a small amount remaining to spend. You must decide with your colleagues how to spend the money. Sharyn suggests buying new computers for everyone. Michael wants to make a donation to a local homeless shelter. Dominique says that everyone should get an equal portion of the money as a bonus. Define the five strategies for conflict resolution, and describe how each strategy could be used to allocate the funds. Indicate which strategy you would use and why.

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